Albs -- NO IP coupons for FREE stuff

**UPDATE** Has anyone done this lately? There was a comment posted by a reader that this worked -- IP coupon for a free product at Albs. Anyone have anything else to add?

It makes me want to search the internet for IP coupons to test it out...yep, adding that to the list...let's see....#167 is the #168 it is! Jeez Louise!

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This is a "must pass along" for me. Heads up folks! I missed this at first when I was scanning their posts in my RSS reader. I don't know if anyone else did, but it sure is something we need to know!

A Little Albies 411
via Fabulessly Frugal by AJ on 8/24/09

When I was at Albertsons tonight, two of the checkers were talking about internet printable coupons and they will no longer accept any printables that are for a free item. They will still take insert coupons for free items, but no printables. They had a memo with 3 fraudulent free printables that caused the new rule. Just FYI!


Anonymous said...

I just did this today... no problems.

Anonymous said...

So I've done this at least 4 times at 4 different Albertsons. Glenwood & State. Eagle, Eagle &McMillan, Five Mile and Ustick...

I had the velveeta b1g1free coupons and was doing the deal one per transaction.

Not one question, not one, anything..