Rethinking posting on CG

I am a person that hates excuses on a regular basis. Sure, stuff happens to all of us once in awhile, but when it starts to "happen" ALL the time...well, that's a pattern. With me, trying to post daily is just not working. I don't want to continue to make "excuses" on why today I couldn't get it done.

So, just what in the h-e-double-l is a gal to do? I've decided to put some boundaries on when I'm gonna post on this blog. I'm planning on backing off and only posting Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays. Since my blog isn't a do-or-die-to-get-the latest-info kind of site, I think anyone who visits me will be able to live with this too. *fingers crossed*

For me, it came down to this: I really do want to be a couponer first & a blogger second. I've been focused on getting content for this site...not actually going to the store & scoping out stuff. Getting's not nearly as much fun as finding the killer deal to share with you all.

I'm really sorry if this bums any of you out. It does me too! However, this is something I've been thinking about for awhile...and it's time.

*crooked smile*

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