Freds -- Ragu for $0.32 each

This promo ends tomorrow 9/15! So, if you're interested, ya better get going! I REALLY didn't need any more spaghetti sauce, but hey, this was too cheap to pass up!

UPDATE! Heads up! You CAN use a FM store coupon with an Albs doubler! Whoot! It just depends on what type of FM store coupon you're trying to use. A specific price off of a transaction will work, i.e. take $2 off when buy X number of items. A price point coupon won't work, i.e. you get 4/$5 or something like that (see here for my oops! FM-doubler transaction).

Here's how I did this transaction:

Total OOP $0.95 ($1.08 w/tax)

3 jars Ragu sauce

I decided to get the white sauce for more variety. Also, since these jars are only 16 oz, I like to get an awesome deal to feel like I'm getting some value for my money.

This deal was sweeter because the Freds monthly Extra Savings ad has the Ragu as 3/$5. However, these sauces rang up at $1.55 -- which is 3/$4.65 -- so, I was $0.35 ahead before I started with the coupons! SWEET!

I had picked up three of these coupon booklets so I had another Buy 3 get $2 Unilever coupon (back cover) to use. This means when you buy 3 items you save $0.67 on each item.

Here's how the pricing worked:

Ragu sauce 16 oz $1.55
Bought 3 for a total of $4.65

$0.30 store discount (Albs doublers) -- did this 2 times
$0.30 MQ SS 9/13 -- used 2
$0.50 EQ here
$2.00 in Unilever savings

Final Price $0.95 or $0.32 each

This transaction could be done with three Albs doublers. For me , since the $0.50 e-coupon was so close to the amount I'd get with a MQ & doubler, I decided to save a MQ / doubler and just let it ride. *smile*

Read More...he wants me to make garlic pizza now -- yum-o!