Fred Meyer - $2 catalina

Ran to Fred Meyer last night and ended up having a $2 catalina print out for my next purchase. I have no idea what caused it, but I suspect it was the 2 packages of Starbuck coffee. The only other name brand items I bought were Campbells cream soups and my second order had those same items and didn't kick one out. So, this is definitely YMMV (your mileage may vary), but I bought 2 pkgs of Starbuck ground coffee (2/$11 with coupon from Sunday's paper), then used 2- $1.50 coupons that I had picked up at Albertsons, so paid 2/$8. Not great, but not bad. If the catalina printed out because of those, that saved me $2 more!

Wish I could tell you for sure what caused the catalina. LMK if you try it and have the same experience.

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