Add La Victoria coupons to your Fred Meyer card

This is kind of exciting - looks like companies are starting to do their own e-coupon thing, in conjunction with different store chains. I was at La Victoria's website today and noticed a little blurb:

"La Victoria welcomes you to enjoy the easiest way to save on our many quality products. Just browse our online coupon catalog, choose the coupons you'd like and then load them to your shopper card. It's that simple! Next time you shop, the savings will be automatically deducted from your purchase total."

I registered and it told me that there were no participating stores in my area, but there was a little link for looking at participating stores in other areas. Clicked on it and low and behold, there was Kroger. I followed the prompts, adding my Fred Meyer card as a Kroger card, just like when I joined and I was taken to a screen that had 4 coupons for La Victoria products (green chilis, enchillada sauce, salsa and taco sauce). I BELIEVE all were 25c off, but hey, every bit helps! All the coupons expire 12/31/09 and there was no mention about how often I could add them. I wonder how many other companies will follow suit - is this a new trend?

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