Winco Coupons

First of all, I am not a fan of Winco. In fact, I rarely go there, for reasons to numerous to mention. That said, it looks like I will have to make a trip - did you get the Winco mailer delivered to your house? It was supposed to be delivered 12/1,2,3. There were a couple things that excited me - since our son moved out, I don't need quite as many groceries as I used to! LOL

Green Giant canned veggies 28c limit 4 (this is my favorite brand of corn), Bandon medium cheddar cheese $2.98 limit 1 (use the $1 co from to get 2 lbs for $1.98 - definitely hot!), Pillsbury cake mix 48c limit 2, Shasta cola $1.48 limit 2 (NOT my favorite brand, but the kids will drink it!), Bumble bee tuna 28c limit 3. 10 lbs russet potatoes 68c. Coupons all expire 12/13/09. Other coupons in the ad: Ragu 98c limit 2 (don't you already have enough Ragu?) match with coupon from paper, Langers cranberry juic 98c limit 2, Kelloggs pop tart 78c limit 2, (possibly use 55c co from Kelloggs sprinklins mailer?), Tenderbird chicken breast 3 lb bag(?) $3.98 limit 2 and Yuban 33 oz $3.98 limt 2.

Look for your ad - if the coupons excite you, perhaps your neighbors will give you their ads too?

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