Tip #4 -- Teamwork for savings!

I was able to get some AWESOME savings my teaming up with a friend this last promotion. I had one last Albs catalina to save $6 when buying $60. I just couldn't figure out $60 of stuff I really needed.

So, I asked my friend Cynthia to team up with me. Together we really rocked! I created a spreadsheet to show what we each bought. I don't have a pic because we split up the purchases. Dang. I totally forgot about it! Wouldn't that have been cool? My first studio pic from the cargo area of my car.... LOL! My! How your dining room has changed, Little Red Couponer! My! Is that a tire I see in the picture, Little Red Couponer!

Here's what we were able to accomplish between us. We took advantage of being able to use 5 doublers in the same transaction. Cynthia had one $10 catalina and I had two $10 catalinas from purchasing Dr. Pepper. Our Albs only has one set of the Sparkle & Angel T.P left -- so we split it! To make it easier too, we just split the transaction tax.

We also got to double more $1 coupons than we meant to -- we had it worked out but the clerk was really nice & trying to help -- so she doubled the highest value instead of exactly what we wanted to double. So the extra "credit" went to whoever was meant to get the doubler -- that is probably confusing -- should have seen my face when I was building the spreadsheet! Yikes!

NOTE: Did you know you can still use coupons when you get an automatic savings when buying certain items? The auto savings is like a store coupon -- so you can still use a mfg. coupon when buying the item. How cool is that? For example, when we got an auto savings for the bread, we were still able to use the $1 MQ peelie AND double it! We were also able to use the $0.75/1 MQ for the milk too.

THANK GOODNESS for friends who coupon! ROCK ON!

Here's what we bought & how the OOP worked for us:

[click on image to enlarge]

We walked away with a grocery cart full of stuff!

Total OOP $1.49 ($4.42 w/tax)

Read More....he was impressed...he wants to be on the team next time...