What's in a BRAG?

This is kinda like playing "what's in a name?" game. What really is in a "BRAG" to make it a good one? I thought having a section dedicated to showing off purchases would be fun. Well, at it's turning out...it appears to be a hassle to get it all done. I suppose that makes sense...when I think more about it.

**enter stage right**
**announcer is setting the scene**

So, you've just been to the market to get some stuff on sale. You spilled your coupon binder on the floor, the kids were being little monsters, the checkout clerk was impatient, the bags tore when trying to corral the kids into the house, and you STILL have to put the groceries away. At this point, you'd have to clear the kids drawing project from the table in order to take a picture...if you can remember where the camera is...and find time to size & send the pics when the kids take a nap...if you get that lucky today...

**mom exits stage left near to tears**

Yeah, I can see how braggin' rights might not be that important in the scheme of things. Folks are probably just tryin' to make it through the day.

Well, that's totally cool! So, that brings me back to the "what's in a name?" game. Well, the section formerly known as Baby Got Brag is going through a face lift...or is that a tummy tuck? Whatever.

Starting today, Baby Got Brag is no more! Say goodbye...no tears, now!

Say hello to --- $10 Stockpiling! More to come later today on just what the heck I'm talking about.

Read More...RIP Baby Got Brag....HELLO $10 Stockpiling!
(no one ever said the guy wasn't a fickle friend *smile*)