Albs -- B1G1 Free on Dr. Pepper gone?!

I've heard different stories from different Albs. The Nampa 12th Albs has a sign on the Dr. Pepper stack it is being taken out of the B1G1 free promo.

HOWEVER -- The B1G1 free promo is still working in the computer for the Albs Dr. Pepper promo. I was able to do it AND get the catalina earlier today. I don't know how much longer it will work in the computer, so if you plan on doing this sale, I'd get to the store today if at all possible.

There is a GIANT stack of Dr. Pepper right inside the door at the 12th street Albs.

The other purchase limits still apply --

Only 8 12 pks per customer per day
NO rainchecks!

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