Winco -- great value on produce!

During my Winco price recon last night, here's what I came across that I thought would be worth sharing. I picked up some apples & bananas (didn't want an empty cart & the price was good). I would have grabbed some more fruit (Winco is my 2nd favorite store for produce), but we're still eating on all the sweet, yummy cherries I bought at Freds last week.

I debated whether to include a pic of the fruit -- I mean, I can assume you've all seen bananas & apples before -- but what the heck! A pic is supposed to be worth a thousand words which means I won't have to write as much! *wink*

Total OOP $2.81 ($2.98 w/tax)

1 bunch of bananas, 2.4 lbs
5 golden delicious apples, 2.16 lbs

Here are some other produce items worth mentioning:
(for other items I found, please visit KCL's site)

Dole iceberg salad 12 oz $0.98

Dole coleslaw 14 oz $0.98

Granny Smith apples $0.88 lb

Fuji apples $0.98 lb

Red Delicious $0.98 lb

Braeburn apples $0.78 lb

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Jennifer said...

I love winco's produce! So what is your favorite place for produce if it isn't winco?

Did you happen to notice how much their cherries were? I was wondering if they were less then albertsons sale this week?

darlenecoupon said...

I'm totally in love the Fred Meyer's produce! They are the only place I can find a head of lettuce for $0.78 each almost year around. All the other stores seem to start at around a $1 -- and they are puny heads too!

I've always had GOOD luck with whatever I buy here. Sweet fruit, great toms, awesome veggies -- plus it's pretty close to my house. So, for me, it's a good fit!