Freds -- dozen eggs for $0.50 -- whoot!

(no limit)
Exp. date 7/24

Brush off your deviled egg, quiche and egg salad sandwich receipes! This is a great deal! There were approx. 50 dozen cartons at the Nampa store when I left this morning!

ALSO -- this is the LAST day to take advantage of the Fred Meyer brand eggs for $0.89 per dozen. They have a normal exp. date of 8/23.

If you're like my household, all I have to do is hard boil them, and they will be gone!

Total OOP $2.00 ($2.12 w/tax)

4 dozen eggs

Read More....he's lobbying for deviled eggs...


Anonymous said...

is this all Freddies?

darlenecoupon said...

I don't think so -- pffft! Unless the other stores are having the same issue as this store -- eggs going bad & need to SELL them! It might be worth a call to your local Freds to see what they say...