Why do I track OOP for my deals?

So, if you've been reading my post, you may have noticed I track OOP -- including tax! I don't include the value of any catalinas when I figure out how much I spent at the store. Whatever comes out of my checking account is what I spent. That keeps it simple.

I've seen too often on other blogs where the value of the catalina is used to calculate the reduced cost per item or the transaction total on the first purchase -- AND THEN -- the same catalina is used to reduce the next purchase OOP spent. Huh? Dude! C'mon now! You can't use the same catalina twice! (Don't I wish it worked that way! LOL!)

For me, it's just too easy to get messed up. I figure a lot could happen to that catalina -- it gets run through the wash, the kids use it in a art project, it gets lost by a spouse, the "dogs ate my catalina" ....or seriously, "life" just happens and you can't use it for some reason.

For all those reasons, I've taken to only counting OOP when I buy stuff. If I get to use my catalina, then my OOP is reduced on the trip I use it on...not before. That may be a little peevish of me, but hey, I think it makes more sense. *smile*


HeatherT said...

I have also noticed the double counting of cats. And it drives me a little crazy too.

kimberly said...

I really appreciate that you don't coun't those into your price. I think when other's do it's deceiving to others and then for newby's they don't understand a lot of times why there not getting the killer deals. Thank you for showing the correct amounts.

Kelley said...

THANK YOU!!! I think it's dishonest to do it otherwise, I see people using cats on two orders too and it makes me nuts. Thank you for keeping it simple and honest.

darlenecoupon said...

Hey ladies!

It's nice to know I'm not the only one out there groaning when I read some of the other blogs. Thank you for making me feel I'm not alone! *smile*