Winco -- FREE soy milk! Pizza for $3.88!

I was at Winco last night doing my price recon. HOLY COW! It was a zoo! I may have to come up with a new system for price checking. Man, I could hardly get through the aisles! I'm not very tall so seeing over the boxes to avoid workers...well, let's just say it became an adventurous cross between dodge ball & frogger.

There is a chance Winco had some of the items, but there was no way I could see the shelves to verify it. Dang. Hey! At least I got some FREE milk out of the deal! All's well that ends well, right? *smile*

Total OOP $ 10.76 ($11.79 w/tax)

4 boxes of Chex Mix
2 bottles of syrup
2 1/2 gallons of soy milk

Chex Mix 6 bars $2.18
$0.60/1 IP here
Final Price $1.58

8th Continent Soy Milk 1/2 gal. $1.98
$2/1 IP here
Final Price FREE

HyTop 2% Maple Syrup 24 oz $2.22
no coupon
Final Price $2.22

Hey, I know, I know. I saw the homemade syrup receipe on KCL. If you didn't see it, go here and read the comments to the post. However, folks, I'm not going that route. Actually, my husband cooks breakfast on the weekends, so I'm not asking him to go that route. If he's willing to make up a batch of pancakes or waffles, I'm gonna have syrup on hand -- and some I didn't have to make up. *smile* Would rather have the premade stuff and sit reading the paper than have to be in the kitchen on those mornings! LOL!

Here are some other things I ran across in the store:

California Pizza (thin crust) $4.88
$1/1 MQ SS 5/17

Final Price $3.88

DiGiorno Pizza $4.88

$1/1 MQ SS 6/14
Final Price $3.88

Lean Cuisine entrees $1.88

$1/5 IP coupon (no longer avail)

Final Price $1.68

(other finds will appear on a KCL post! check 'em out!)

Read More if you want to see the receipt...


anemia said...

Congrats for the free milk! I would love to visit the store and get some free gifts too.