Funny Morton Salt Uses

Okay, so when I got my tester and coupon from Morton Salt, I spent some time on their site. if you're interested in your own freebie tester, go here.

OMG! What a hoot! I'm not making fun of the salt part -- just some of the ideas they are promoting to take salt from just table / food usage. I know if companies can widen their application they can increase sales, but c'mon! LOL. Sometimes they go just a little far into the deep end... I got all these ideas straight from their site.

Ideas that amused me:

Eliminate Egg Spills

Don't fret over spilled eggs. Just pour Morton® Salt on top of the spill to cover the eggs. Then wipe the eggs up with a paper towel.

Uhmmm...why don't I just use the paper towel? I mean, what did the salt ever do to me to cause me to throw it in the egg?

Freshen the Air

Clear the air with this homemade air freshener. Just cut an orange in half, remove pulp, and fill the peel with Morton® Salt. It will provide a pleasant, aromatic scent anywhere in your home.

O-kaaayyy. And what is gonna freshen the air as the orange peel decomposes?

Cut Cutting Board Odors

To help cut odors off of your wooden cutting board, simply pour a generous amount of Morton® Salt directly on the board. Rub lightly with a damp cloth. Wash in warm, sudsy water.

I'm pretty sure it's washing the board with soap & water that's cutting the odor...not the salt. Could be wrong here, but don't think so.


Patch Up Walls

To patch small nail holes and fine cracks in plaster or wallboard, mix 2 tablespoons Morton® Salt, 2 tablespoons cornstarch and about 4 to 5 teaspoons water to make a thick, pliable paste. Fill hole and let dry. Sand if necessary, then paper.

Oh, yeah, gonna do this one! Not! Why would I do then when I can get a can of spackle from a hardware store for few bucks? I can just see me asking my husband to do this one! LOLOL! He would tell me he's running to the Home Depot.

Read More....he's thinking of using saw dust instead of salt in his patch....