Pet -- Part 1 -- buying pet food in bulk

With three dogs now, you know I'm looking for an economical way to buy pet food. I feed my dogs Pro Plan --this is just a choice for me. I'm not sayin' this is the best dog food or anything like that -- what you feed your pet(s) is a personal decision.

I think the best place to get a high quality pet food at a good price is Petco. (I assume Petsmart has a similiar program. If you have a Petsmart near you, check out their membership plan). Because I live in Nampa, I go to Petco. Here's what I mean:

Petco has the PALS membership:
PALS membership will give $5 per bag savings
PALS buy 10 bags & get 1 free program
PALS where $1 equal 10 points
PALS -- at 1500 pts per quarter you get a 10% off coupon (OYNO in 1 trx)
PALS -- at 2000 pts per quarter you get a 15% off coupon (OYNO in 1 trx)
Bulk purchase program -- buy 200 lbs & save 10% automatically

Here's how easy it is to get the points:

This is the summary of my points for the previous quarter from April 1 to June 30:

4/30 -- bought a chewable bone (w/coupon) as I was doing a price recon
purchase = 40 pts

5/2 -- bought my dog food in bulk, 6 bags
purchase = 1740 pts

6/30 -- bought bag of pig ears (25 in bag)
purchase = 300 pts

For this quarter, I've earned a 15% off coupon ONYO

I'm now also nine bags away from getting my free bag (I redeemed a free bag in May). As I go through a dog food bag about every two weeks, this puts me on track to get 2 FREE bags per year! Sweet!

On another post, I'll outline & show the receipt for how I did my bulk dog food purchase from May. I'm telling you this now so you can plan for this quarter and the amount of money it will take to buy in bulk.

I cleaned out / organized the closet under the stairs & this is where I store the dog food. The dog food bags are "lined" so the food should stay fresh -- so far, each bag has been perfect. Also, if you don't think you're up to buying five 40lb (or six 37.5 lb) bags at a time, partner up with someone you know who has pets! Two families can easily take advantage of buying bulk & share the savings.

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