Albs -- doublers in Statesman only?

DANG! My husband gets the ID Statesman (so we get 1 copy of it), and there are two Albs doublers in the Sunday paper! Pfffftt! So, of course, I went back through the Tribune searching for doublers -- nada! There are also some other Albs coupons I haven't seen before.

With the ID Statesman now $2.00 for a Sunday paper off the rack, it sure doesn't make sense to go buy one. Start calling your relatives who take the ID Statesman and see if you can snag a few doublers. These doublers are good from 7/26 - 8/4!

Am I gonna have to subscribe to the ID Statesman couponer special now too?? Did anyone else notice doublers that I missed?

Read More...he's totally bummed too....


Jennifer said...

Check on page 12. I get the tribune and there are 3 on the page!!