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Hey all, this is a really great topic to chat about. There are several good comments & takes from various readers here. Any thoughts on this out there?

I wanted you all to know where I stand. Here is what I posted:

Really a great topic, Joanie!

Here is my take on a few of these topics. Please take all with a grain of salt -- just a personal take on how to walk the coupon line when shopping.

The basic rule: follow what the coupon says.

If it says DND, then don't double it. It doesn't matter what the store allows; follow the coupon.

[sic] This opinion was developed after a few weeks of soul searching. It's a total bummer when you have a great $1 coupon that says DND. However, if that's the rule... and I want to coupon...then I've gotta play by the rules.

If it says it's for body wash or diapers or tortillas, then that's only what it's meant to be used on.

If the coupon doesn't have a limitation on what state it can be used in (using a different zip code to print it), then there isn't a limit set by the manufacturer.

If you buy coupons off Ebay, then you're okay to use them. Ebay isn't going to risk its business by allowing nefarious enterprises to sell through it. You may think this a gray area, but really you're just adding cost to the items you're trying to get a bargain on. That's why I don't do it. I like my coupons to be free.

Albs says it will double up to a $1 mfg. coupon. That's it folks. If the coupon is over $1, then you shouldn't try to double it. Sorry.

If the promo requires you to buy 6 what-its and 5 whose-its, then that's what you buy. Trying to get around it -- and telling others how, jeez! -- that's fraud. No way to shade that from black to gray. Sorry.

We've all had clerks get sales wrong, store computers allow stuff it shouldn't, and been tempted to skate the moral compass we were raised with. If you get that ticklish cramp in your stomach when you are about to use a coupon...then you probably shouldn't be using it. Listen to your gut.

If you want to be 100% sure, ASK THE STORE'S CUSTOMER SERVICE (CS) BEFORE YOU USE THE COUPON. If they give you a pass, then you're golden. If they say they won't allow it, then you know that too. Many times my first stop in the store is the CS counter to get clarification on a coupon or how I want to handle a sale.

Good luck all! Hope the coupon fates bring you many great deals!

July 28, 2009 8:55 PM

Read More...he seconds my opinion...(yeah, I let him think his vote counts)


Arin said...

I agree totally with all you stated in your post. Honesty is the best policy and all that right??