Albs -- my doublers purchases

Okay, on the previous set of doublers, I just got so busy I didn't get anything posted. So, this time, I'm going to recap (briefly) what I purchased. I'm not going to attach the receipts as with this many transactions, it would just be annoying (for both of us).

Total OOP $9.94 ($10.90 w/tax)
Received $1 OYNO from buying the V-8 Fusion

2 Kelloggs Special K Blueberry cereal
2 Bandaid adhesive strips (two types)
2 Covergirl LipSlicks
2 Mission Tortillas, burrito size, 8 ct
3 V-8 Fusion juices

See this previous post for the pricing breakdown!

Read More...he's busy trying to figure out the plan for the new doublers...