Trees -- they are a fallin' down!

Hey folks, sorry not too many posts yesterday. I work full time so most of my blogging time is after work, early evening or after I've made a coupon run. Here's what I was doing last night! Holy cow! This sucker was a pretty BIG branch to break off. This last wind storm over the weekend took off this limb at my father-in-law's house. It also turned the plum tree into a "dwarf" plum tree. So, it was clean up duty last night!

I'll probably be over there again tonight fixing the EIGHT broken sprinkers the landscaping guys ran over with the mower. Jeez! That company was fired today, and we hired the neighbor's teenage boy to mow the yard instead. He sure couldn't do much least I know he has parents to answer to! Just gotta luv it when life happens...*sigh*

Read More...he's making mud pies in the backyard...oh, yeah, he's helpful alright...