Albs -- V-8 Fusion $1 CAT!

UPDATE: You need to buy at least 2 V-8 Fusion to generate the CAT! Thanx TJ!

Whoot! I totally lucked into this one. I wanted to get a few more V-8 Fusion juice drinks while I could get them cheap. Well, what do ya know! I got a $1 OYNO CAT! I bought 3 of the V-8 Fusion drinks -- not sure how many you have to buy to trigger the CAT.

If anyone goes for this & finds out how many jugs triggers the CAT, please let me know!

V8 Fusion 46 oz $2.50
$1/1 IP here
Use 1 doubler
Final Price: $0.50
(you'll only get 1 coupon per computer)

Read More...he's trying to figure out how to get more V-8 Qs...


TJ said...

on PYP it says for the first 2 you get a catalina so even if you buy 4 you would have still gotten the $1 ctalina. Good find!