Walmart -- price matching fruit -- yikes!

Last week (on my crazy Thursday), I had also decided to try to price match fruit at the ID Center Walmart in Nampa using the Target $0.50 off 1 lb or more bananas and $1.00 off 1 lb or more apples. These coupons expired on 8/22 so I had to try it soon or not at all. Target does have another coupon out here for $0.50 off 1 lb or more bananas that expires 9/5.

Here's my transaction:

Total OOP $6.01 ($6.68 w/tax)

2 Silk Soy Milk 1/2 gallon
6 candy bars
1 bunch of bananas, 4.19 lbs
4 apples, 1.76 lbs

So, what happened? Well, check out the receipt for the attempts to get this one right! The folks at Walmart were so willing to help and they really wanted too -- that part was awesome. What I didn't know going into this was on produce, Walmart's computer apparently won't just allow them to take $0.50 off the item. Nope. We had to figure out the new price per lb. for the produce ourselves -- good thing I carry a calculator! Jeez!

So, that's a word to the wise -- be ready to help figure this one out. Most of the cashiers won't have a calculator handy. Let them ring up the item so you have the total $ amount and exact lbs. Cancel that line on the ticket. Take the total $ minus the coupon and divide by the # of lbs. Pretty easy -- but it's all manual to get it done.

Read More to see the pricing breakdown & receipt...

Pricing breakdown:

Silk Soy Milk, 1/2 gallon $2.74
$0.50/1 Target Q for price match (exp. 8/22)
$0.75/1 IP here
Final Price $1.49

Bananas $0.47 per lb
$0.50/1 lb or more Target IP here
Final Price $0.35 per lb

Apples $1.00 per lb
$1.00/1 lb or more Target IP (exp. 8/22)
Final Price $0.57 per lb

(this was actually the wrong price -- it should have been $0.43 per lb -- when I told the cashier the amount of $0.57 I meant them to take that from the original $1.00 per lb. However, at this point in the transaction, it was better to just keep moving!)

Mars candy bars $0.64
$1/2 Mars coupon -- expired 8/23
2 coupons from Mars Choc. Relief promo
Final Price $0.09 each

(I was okay with this price even though the candy wasn't free. For me, I made the right call on getting it then because I didn't make it back to Walmart or Walgreens before the coupon expired.)