Freds -- e-coupons on FM rewards card

I was serious about this week being all about Freds for me! This is another lengthly post full of information, so please hang in there.

There is some awesome information HERE on La Vida Cheapo's blog on how to load mfg. e-coupons on the Freds rewards card. This gal is really taking advantage of doublers and e-coupons (Spokane gets to double up to $1 at their Freds! Oh, the envy!)

I've spent the last few days after work -- yep, squeezing that in for sure! -- working with the Nampa Freds on how the e-coupons work, what works & doesn't, how to enter them in when using a Albs doubler, etc. It has been interesting & they have been awesome to work with. A big thank you to Kari for trying this out -- we've done more manager overrides in the past few days to get us out of our testing then I think she's done in the entire year!

So, what is this? Well, as Freds is a part of the Kroger operation, they all share the same computer system. This means the mfg. e-coupons that work on the Kroger card will also work on the Freds rewards card. The Kroger store e-coupons will also work at Freds.

I used the Kroger website and the store locator to find a zipcode I could use when loading e-coupons. If you use TX as the search state, you should get some choices. So far, I have found the e-coupons will load on either the FM rewards card or the FM credit card.

Here are the sites I've used to load e-coupons to the FM card:

P&G eSaver -- these are P&G coupons (obviously). This one needs to be a Kroger store / zip code. It appears you can only load one card. --these are various coupons kinda like we can get off There are also Kroger store coupons on this site. This site will allow you to have multiple cards for the same store. This one needs to be a Kroger store / zip code.

Unilever -- obvious the kind of coupons. This one needs to be a Kroger store / zip code. It appears you can only load one card.

Cellfire -- this site requires a cell phone # to use it. I tried entering a land line ph# (thinking that some folks don't have a cell phone), and it wouldn't work. This one needs to be a Kroger store / zip code. It appears you can only load one card.

Upromise eCoupons -- this site is the only one that says Fred Meyers is a participating store. However, I'm still testing this one. I haven't gotten any coupons to work from this site yet.

**UPDATE on UPromise** Thank goodness for you guys! A reader, Jessica, straightened me out on this one! Whoot!
Jessica said...

Just as a little FYI, I have been using the Upromise ecoupons for some time at Fred Meyer and Albertsons. The way they work is they do not actually come off your total, but the savings rather go into your Upromise account and are saved for you there. Hope that helps. They always seem to work for me that way.

Here are the FAQ regarding e-coupons:
(some of this we discovered when we did our testing)

What stores are the common participating e-coupon stores?
The stores are Kroger, Ralphs, King Soopers, Fry's, Smith's, Dillons, QFC, JayC, and City Market.For those of us in Idaho, we get to use Fred Meyers.

How can I view the coupons that are available to load to my shopper card?
This will vary by site. Most have a “view all coupons” link from the Home Page.

Can I remove coupons from my shopper card without spending them?
No, once coupons have been entered onto your card, they can't be removed. They will remain on the card until they expire or you redeem them.

Can I load multiples of a coupon onto my shopper card?
No, each coupon may only be loaded once.

Can I load the same coupon onto different shopper cards?
No, each coupon may only be loaded onto one card at a time. If two sites have the same coupon, you can load both of them onto the same card.

How long does it take until my coupons are active on my card once I enter them?
It takes up to one hour before the coupons are available on your card to redeem at your retail store. I would play it safe and load your e-coupons at least the night before your shopping trip.

What happens if my discount did not apply when I purchased my product at the store?
If your discount was not applied properly, contact the site’s customer service for assistance. This may be a little difficult as Freds isn’t listed as a participating store. However, when you call, all they can tell you is “no.” It doesn’t hurt to ask.

How can I view coupons loaded on my shoppers card?
If you choose a link or page labeled something like “My Coupons,” that should show you what coupons you have selected for your card. This is a by site list. From what I've found, there is no global list for what e-coupons you have loaded.

Can I print my coupons or get a list of them?
All the sites seem to have the ability to print a shopping list. This will show you your coupons and typically list the expiration date too.

How many e-coupons can I load on my card?
From what I’ve been able to find, the limit is 50 coupons. SO BE CAREFUL when loading coupons onto the card since you can’t remove them.

What happens if I load a e-coupon accidentally on my card?
Oh, well. You will have it until it expires or you use it. I’ve found I could delete the card and start over – but it may take a bit of magic to get that to work. For example, CellFire will require you to use a new cell phone # if you end up having to create a whole new account.

How long does it take for the e-coupon to show as redeemed?
It will take two or three days for the coupon to show as redeemed.

Can I use an e-coupon with a MQ printed coupon or IP coupon?
Yes, you can. This is the way it is currently working at Freds. From what I’ve been told, e-coupons have always worked this way. If Freds changes this in their computer system, as soon as I know, I’ll let you know.

Can I use an e-coupon with a store coupon?
Yes, you can.

When will my e-coupons come off the transaction?
The e-coupons will come off the transaction when you go to pay (at the end). So don’t scan an item and expect to see the coupon as the next line item. You will have to scan the Freds rewards card sometime during the transaction too (obviously).

Can I use a (Albs) doubler with an e-coupon?
Yes, you can. The difference here is since the e-coupon isn’t a physical coupon, you will need to be aware of the coupon / amount you want to double and show the clerk which one to double (yep, point to the screen). As long as the e-coupon is $0.50 or less (limited participation stores in ID and OR), then you shouldn’t have any problems.

Can I use a Kroger store e-coupon at Freds?
Yes, you can. The test we ran was a Kroger store e-coupon with the FM brand salad dressing, and it worked.

If there is something I didn't answer -- or something you discover about e-coupons -- please let me know! I think this is an awesome opportunity, and I hope many of you can take advantage of it. I am totally interested in hearing how this works for you guys. I'll have my e-coupon transactions I did this week up either tonight or tomorrow.

Please also know I've been doing this at the Nampa Freds. I know this works at the Boise Freds (my buddy Janet has tested this), but who knows how they will react since they don't even understand their own competitor coupon policy. Again, any positive or negative experiences -- please share! This is a learning experience for us all! Good luck!!

Read More...he's just a bit wary...but game to try it out!


Jessica said...

Just as a little FYI, I have been using the Upromise ecoupons for some time at Fred Meyer and Albertsons. The way they work is they do not actually come off your total, but the savings rather go into your Upromise account and are saved for you there. Hope that helps. They always seem to work for me that way.

janetf said...

Darlene - Jessica is quite right. I should have caught that when we were talking last night.

darlenecoupon said...

Ah ha! Thank you! Dude!

I would have been "testing" the Upromise thing for-ev-er if you hadn't shared this! LOL. I would have just thought I didn't load the card right or entered the number wrong...or Zeus is just plain upset with me.

You both rock! Sweet!

Do you know if the Upromise will work on either the FM rewards card or the FM M/C? I'm guessing it would...hmmmm.

Silvia Bradshaw said...

What location/zip code do you use to look up Kroger location? My Fred's is the Nampa Fred's too. - Silvia

darlenecoupon said...

I've been using a Houston, TX zip code of 77006. Hope that helps!

Anonymous said...

Upromise is a savings that is to save for and fund college educations. You get a small amount for purchases at various stores that have rewards type cards, the bigger "savings" come when you make purchases using your credit cards that you have linked to your upromise account or make purchases online. I haven't done either so I can't speak to that. I have my Albies card, my FM card, my Safeway card (for when we travel) and my mothers Safeway card (thank goodness my brothers don't read your blog!). I have probably less than $50 in my upromise account. I have heard of people requesting checks instead of rolling them in college fund accounts (the #'s escape me - I know its not 1099, but it's some IRS #'s like that). They have a detailed Info center on their site and it is legit. Janet who is on her dd's puter

Tamra said...

This is such a great post! I'll link to it if that is O.K.?
(discount queens)

darlenecoupon said...

Hi Tamra!

It's totally cool with me if you do a link for this post (or any other) you see on my blog. I follow Discount Queens 'cause you guys are awesome! Sarah @ ATM also told me you guys are really neat people -- so, link away! *smile*

Leah said...

Hi Darlene,

I just read this posting today and I wanted to say thank you for the link. Its always a nice suprise to find links to my postings, right up there with money in the mail :)