Pet -- Part 2 -- buying pet food in bulk

NOW I understand why I can't find as much on the blogosphere regarding pets as I do humans! It's hard to keep up with the human purchases & deals...let alone the pet stuff out there! I'm tellin''s gone to the dogs...or at least, the dogs are the only sane ones around here!

This post took a little longer to get out here than I originally thought. I decided since I was going to do a major purchase of dog food to restock I'd wait and use that receipt. It just made sense to use a current receipt than one I did a few months ago.

So, this past week I squeezed in a trip to Petco to stock up. I now have enough dog food to last me 3+ months. Yippee! Here's my receipt & how I did the transaction on 8/6:

[click on image for larger view]

Total OOP $133.65 ($144.49 w/tax)

6 bags Pro Plan dog food, 37.5 lbs
1 $1 donation

Price per bag $22.28 ($24.08 w/tax)

Savings $119.29 from:
$5/1 Petco PALS membership discount per bag
$3/1 MQ here -- had 6
10% discount for buying 200 lbs
15% discount Petco coupon (prior qtrly purchases)

By buying this way, I've reduced the price per bag to about what another, less premium dog food would cost. Also, I'm now 6 bags closer to getting a free bag of dog food! Rock on! I totally understand buying like this takes some planning. It is a large chunk of money to shell out at one time. However, once you do it, you will be on a schedule to keep doing it each quarter.

Just to show you folks why I go through all of this planning, here is one of my wonderful mongrels ...uhmmm... doggies. This is Abner.

We so very rarely get a "handsome boy" pose from him even though he graduated from the Handsome Boy Modeling School. We normally get photos like the other one! LOLOL!

Read More...he's wondering if he tongue will do that...