Albs -- NO doublers next week!

Okay, if you're like me, you are frazzled! Man! Hang in there all --- the buy $30 save $15 promo ends on 8/11. Reminder! The current doublers expire on 8/8.

I haven't posted about my transactions during this sale. Sorry about that. I've had to pick between blogging the deals I'm doing or doing, I'm just doing them. *smile*

We might get something (maybe doublers? maybe an insert?) in the paper Sunday from Albs. I haven't heard anything about that yet. However, I know we will NOT have doublers in the Albs ad next Wednesday. Heads up!

This is what I feel like right now:

Read More....he's staying out of my way...


janetf said...

is it really you?

darlenecoupon said...

LOL. Nope. Just some stressed out chick I found on the internet. However -- I think I can totally relate after this week! Jeez! Only one more day ---- oh, yeah, and then the Kraft promo starts! Yippee!!