Target -- Old El Paso taco mix for $0.07 !

Last night was a pretty rockin' trip for me at Target. My friend Cynthia and I hit the clearance end caps and we got some good deals.

Here's what I bought and how I did:

Total OOP $24.85
($26.89 w/tax)

10 cans of Progresso soup, chicken variety
3 jars Wishbone Bountiful salad dressings
2 boxes of Betty Crocker Supreme Brownie Mix
4 jars of Dole All Natural mixed fruit
2 boxes of Totino's Pizza rolls
12 pkgs of Old El Paso taco mix
1 bag of Ghirardelli chocolate chips

My biggest expense was the Progresso soup. I bought 10 cans for $13.80 (before tax). So, all the rest of the items cost me $11.05 (before tax). I'm still working on the Progresso Soup I bought at Albs for $1 each, but I'd like a little more variety right now. (I've had so much tomato soup I think I'm turning into a tomato!) I'm hoping there will be a rockin' Progresso soup coupon or sale this fall! Wouldn't that be totally sweet?

I have some other things I found at Target that I want to share with you. I'll get those up tonight or tomorrow morning.

Read More...he's working on him to see the pricing breakdown!

Progresso soup various chicken soup on clearance $1.38
no coupon
Final Price $1.38
(there were 20+ cans left on a few different end caps)

Wishbone Bountiful salad dressing, Santa Fe blend $0.97
$1/1 MQ SS 6/28
Final Price FREE
(there were only a few of these left)

Betty Crocker Supreme Brownie Mix $1.67
$0.75/2 MQ SS 7/19
$0.75/2 IP here
Final Price $1.30
(there is a good supply of these -- 24+ boxes)

Dole All Natural mixed fruit $1.38
$0.75/1 MQ SS 8/9
Final Price $0.63
(good supply of these, about 30 jars, only mixed fruit variety)

Totino's Pizza rolls $1.23
$1/2 IP here
Final Price $0.73
(there were about a dozen or so boxes left)

Old El Paso taco mix $0.37
$0.60/2 IP here
Final Price $0.07 each
(there were about 100 pkgs left. I only had three IP coupons because of a computer printing error -- Urrgh! So, I used three coupons but bought 12 pkgs -- this made my price per unit $0.14 each)

Ghirardelli chocolate chips $1.48
(there were only two pkgs left)