Rite Aid -- NEW savings program!!

WOW! It's not often we get a whole new program to help us save money. If you want to read the details from Rite Aid, go here. This program went into effect on 8/6.

Here is a summary of the program as reported by Janice in NY on Refund Cents:

Rite Aid Video Values: Great new program at RA! Looks like it just started, and you can do it many times. Earn points and high-value printable coupons by clicking on and viewing short videos on various products, 1-2 points per video. Coupons can be redeemed only at RA, they look like the ones you see in the sale flyers. Could likely be used with mfg.coupons. When you earn 20 points, you can print a $5/$20 coupon, not sure how many times you can use it. Wording is just like the $5/$25 coupons.

Only problem I ran into was trying to print just one coupon, they all show up on one page. I wanted just the $5/$20, so did copy and paste into a new email, sent it to myself, then printed from there. You do have to register with the usual info to create and account, and will receive a confirming email.

Read More...says THANKS to Janet for passing along this awesome info!