Albs -- Post cereal

Wondered where the blueberry Post Select cereal is? Yeah, me too! I really thought the Nampa 12th street store would have it in by now....jeez. I found out the Albs warehouse isn't shipping it!

You: Why isn't the warehouse shipping it?
Me: Great question.
You: You gonna answer it or what?!
Me: Maybe.
You: (taking out frying pan)
Me: *gulp* Okay, okay!

A little birdie told me there is going to be a killer Post cereal sale starting next week Wed. So, the store is getting in their order for that, and that's why no previous shipments are getting filled. The store should get that shipment on Sunday or Monday. If you're like me trying to find the blueberry cereal, that's what I know about it.

Read More...he hopes that info helps someone...