Albs -- my CATs bought cheap meat!

Somehow...I ended up with $30 in CATs. I'm not 100% sure how...I think it was from all the transactions Cynthia and I split -- one would keep the CATs and pay the other. However it happened, I had to get them used up by today! (And yes, I do mean 8/21 -- you can stop the grinning now! LOL! I really did turn off the warp drive!) I redid this post to put all the meat and receipts together.

I love turning my CATs into really cheap or free meat. I also lucked out -- I got an additional $2 off $10 meat CAT when I did my first meat purchase! SWEET! Talk about great timing.

Here's how the transactions worked for me:

Trx #1 -- Total OOP $0.92 ($1.88 w/tax)
8 lbs of hamburger

Trx #2 -- Total OOP $2.84 ($3.91 w/tax)
13.31 lbs of pork chops

So, this made my hamburger pretty darn cheap -- $0.24 per lb. I was lucky enough to find some hamburger on markdown that first night!

The bought the "assorted" pork chops on sale right now for $1.49 lb. You really have to try and pick a good pkg. of those -- some just look like slabs of pork and no "chop" in site. I used the additional $2 CAT on this transaction. It made my pork chops $0.29 per lb.

I've got a little work ahead of me to wrap them for the freezer -- will get that done tonight after work -- but hey! totally worth it for the price!

Read More...nothing more this time...can't make me! ha!