MARCO? feeback needed please

MARCO? (waits for a few seconds)
MARCO? (waits for a few seconds)

Realizes I'm like that chick in the pool on the television ad. Stops yellin' MARCO with a fearsome blush on my cheeks. Okay, all. I would really, honestly appreciate some feedback. So, take a quick break from clipping coupons today & let me know whatcha think.

Original Post 7/30/09

Today has been a slow post day for the simple reason I've been working on the blog itself.

I've been able to find, edit & test a new logo today! I've even found time to create a button for it! WOW! This has been a fun day! I'm working on a few other things to try & make the blog easier to use, but they aren't ready yet for release.

Okay, folks! I know you're out there. What do ya think?
Please post a comment to let me know!

Yea -- the new logo rocks
Nay -- liked the furry guys better

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janetf said...

I love the new gossipy ladies. Much more in keeping with your blog name.

Kristi M. said...

I really like the new logo. It goes with your blog name really well.

Anonymous said...

I realy enjoy your site. One of just a few I go to every single day!

Sami said...

I love the new logo it fits your blog very well.