Winco -- deals to check out!

Here is a wonderful guest post from Jenn:

I set out today to scope out some deals at Walmart and Winco, but with the AMAZING sale going on at Albertsons this week nothing really looked that great. But, I did find some good deals on produce at Winco! I love Winco’s produce, especially this time of year! Here is what I found at the Winco On State Street . . .

Cantaloupes ONLY 33 cents each!! (limit of 3)

Grapes (both green and red) for 98 cents a pound

Peaches and Nectarines for 98 cent a pound

2 pound packages of blueberries (yum!) $4.98 each

Corn 25 cents each

The 4lbs of Strawberries were $6.98 so Albertsons beats Winco. So if you are wanting Strawberries this week make sure you pick some up at Albertsons for $5.96 (not bad for this late in the summer).

They also had $1.00 off peelies on the Roman Bread making it $1.28 a loaf. Not a bad price for “nice” bread. I especially like that it is double wrapped which helps it last longer in the freezer. Just don’t steal the peelies (I hate peelie stealers!)!!

Read More...says THANKS Jenn for the heads up!