Albs & Target -- limited price matching

The national coupon policy for Target changed here recently. Target will now price match a competitor's ad. HOWEVER, they will not match the price if it requires a membership card to get that price.

Go here to see the details of Target's price match policy.

Well, Charlie Brown, 90+% of the Albs ad has the little blue preferred card icon by the price.

That price match. The only item price you'd be able to match is one that DID NOT have that little blue card icon -- and then you still have to make sure it is the EXACT same product. Good luck with that one.

I hope this helps. If you see another blog price matching to Albs, be just a little wary. Before you take the time to hike to the store with your kids, husband, binder, dog, cat & hamster, make sure to check if the Albs item is nestled (oh, so close) to the little blue icon or not.


Unknown said...

that stinks! Its not like you have to PAY for an albies card. I can see them doing that with costco prices but they should match the albies preferred card. lame.