Albs -- FREE tuna -- again!

There is another opportunity to get FREE tuna at Albs! I'm getting a pretty good stockpile, so I checked the dates on my cans. The dates are out a couple of years (2 or 3 depending on the brand I bought). Whoot! So, yep, I've got room in my stockpile for more!

Here's the deal:

Bumble Bee tuna $1
$1/2 IP from becoming a Bumblebee fan on Facebook
1 doubler
Final Price FREE -- when you buy two

Use your Facebook account to subscribe to Bumblebee as a fan. This will allow you to print two $1/2 IP coupons. Using two doublers, that's four cans of tuna for FREE! If you have access to more than one Facebook account, get the picture!

Read More...he's a fan! (wish he had a Facebook account!)