Freds -- competitor coupons & doublers

This post is a little long and contains lots of information, so hang tight.

Freds has a new policy dated May 5, 2009 which outlines how they will approach competitor coupons and other store doublers (namely, for us, the Albs doublers). I've known about this policy since May, but at the request of Freds, I haven't posted anything regarding it. You know it's been totally KILLIN' me. I mean -- what is my site all about but the unadvertised stuff and gossip?!

Freds wanted time to review their stocking methods, and work through this policy before it became common knowledge. I've really stressed how couponers buy and how this policy can drive business if supported correctly. I thought the extra time would help, and I believe now it's time to talk about it. My biggest fear is this policy would be out there with all sorts of bad information -- or an assumption the Idaho Freds work the same as other states -- and lead to bad experiences at the store.

Freds coupon policy is not published, but you can get a copy of it if you ask. I got a copy from the Nampa Freds without any problems. However, the Boise stores don't appear to be aware of this newer policy and in fact have told one of my friends it's a fake. No, folks, it isn't. This is definitely one coupon policy you will want in your binder.

I've already spoken with the Area Operations Manager in Boise regarding this policy -- more than once actually. When he is back next week, I will also let him know this newest development of a "fake" policy. Whatever. The stores we will shop in Idaho have a limited acceptance (rules) for competitor coupons but do in fact take them AND doublers.

So, what is the big deal? Here is the overview of the Freds policy:

Stores with limited acceptance:
Oregon -- Brookings, Coos Bay, Santa Clara, Springfield, The Dallas, West Eugene
Idaho -- Idaho Boise, Idaho Glenwood, Meridian, Nampa

In select market areas, Fred Meyer accepts competitor's food coupons from newspapers, flyers and booklets.

Fred Meyer does NOT accept food competitor's "off total order" coupons, i.e. $10 off a $50 or more purchase.

Coupons that require the customer to use the competitor's loyalty or club card in order to redeem the coupon will NOT be accepted at Fred Meyer.

The following restrictions apply for each transaction:

  1. Maximum of two item coupons (price point and/or cents-off)
  2. Limit of four double coupons -- up to $0.50 off MQ coupon can be doubled
  3. Expiration date and limit restrictions printed on each coupon apply
  4. Price point or cents-off coupons may be combined with MQ
  5. Private label items can be substituted with FM Private Label item of the same quality, count, or size.

I've used doublers successfully at the Nampa Fred Meyer. The next time I do, I will show that transaction to you all.

I have to say the Nampa Freds is really customer service orientated and coupon friendly. If you want to try this out, take your business there. Seriously. The folks at the Nampa Freds actually read and follow the corporate policies.

Read More...gotta love another store that allows doublers!!

Also -- a YOU GO GIRL to my buddy Janet who keeps tryin'!