Albs -- My 7 doublers in one transaction!

Hey all! YES! WHOOT! This works! This was a total early bird Albs run.

So, I just HAD to know! I ran by Albs this morning bright & early before I went walking with my friend Kendra. I was able to use 7 doublers in one transaction this morning -- 2 from the ID Statesman Albs insert, 3 from the Wed. Albs ad, and 2 from the Albs insert this morning.

Here is what I was able to get -- now take it with a grain of salt. I was quickly looking through the ads at 5 a.m. this morning -- jeez! Yeah, I'm a goof! Anyway, here's what I quickly saw from the buy $20 get $5 CAT that I had enough coupons for and something that I would use. The toothpaste would have been 3/$8 promo but the $1.50 special sticker was still up so I got it for that price! SWEET! (The checker took down the tag after I bought my stuff! Sorry!)

Total OOP $$6.50 ($7.36 w/tax)
MIA $5 CAT for the P&G buy $20 promo

8 Super Stacker Pringles
5 Crest toothpaste, 6.2 oz
1 Puffs tissue

Here's how the pricing worked:

8 Super Stacker Pringles -- $12.00 total or $1.50 each
4 $1/2 MQ P&G 8/2
4 doublers
Final Price $4.00 or $0.50 each

5 Crest toothpaste -- $7.50 total or $1.50 each
5 $0.75/1 P&G 8/2
3 doublers
Final Price $1.50 or $0.30 each

1 Puffs tissue $1.00
I bought this item so I would be over the $20 to get the $5 CAT
(didn't even have time to see if this had a coupon!)

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