UPDATED -- Check out the blog list!

I've redone my blog list to reflect what I follow in my Google reader. There are a few more I follow, but for whatever reason, those blogs don't have a button. I may just end up putting them in as a text line.

So, why did I do this? Well, I wanted to give readers a few blog choices that are in the Northwest. Also, the last three "blogs" are great places to find a heads up on coupons. So instead of me posting the coupons in my Hot This Week post (redoing work for not a very good reason), they are accessible on the original site. Pretty darn nifty!

So, enjoy! I hope I've at least given you one or two sites you've not seen before.

Does anyone have another site I should check out? I'm always open to reading other blogs. There are a lot of talented, interesting bloggers out there.

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