Albs -- where can you get the 7 doublers?

I've heard from a few people that Albs isn't giving out these coupons. I suspect they didn't realize what a mess for them (great opportunity for us) the various barcodes would create.

What have you experienced? Has anyone else had troubles with getting additional coupons? Is any store been really great about it?

The Nampa Albs on 12th has these inserts / ads behind the counter. I would assume the other Albs are probably doing the same. You just need to ask for them.

There was a one page insert in the ID Statesman only on 7/26 -- there were 2 doublers good through 8/4.

The Wed. Albs ad on 7/29 had 3 doublers good through 8/4.

Today (8/2) the Albs insert has 2 doublers good through 8/8.

The barcodes are different for each "set" of doublers Albs published. This means the computer WILL allow them all in one transaction. I was able to do just that this morning! Whoot!

Read More...he's trying to snatch my Albs doublers....
(good way to lose his hand! ha!)


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