Just me & Spock -- time warp!

WOW! Okay, so here's an embarrassing moment I have to confess. All the posts I had scheduled for yesterday 8/20... yeah, those? As in -- NO posts hit my blog yesterday...well...apparently I thought it was going to be 8/21 yesterday. Yep -- Thursday just didn't exist for me. I just decided to skip that day & time warp myself into the future!

What's that phrase? Going where no man has gone before? Yeah, I eagerly engaged my warp engines and landed in today.

Is everyone laughing now? Man, you so should be! Yikes! So, hang in there folks. I've got some revamping to do & will get stuff posted today!

Great googlie mooglie!

Read More...he's not sure so I know how to turn off the warp engines...


janetf said...

Embarrassing moment is great, since it means all is well with you. Glad everything is ok.

darlenecoupon said...

Heya! Man, oh man! Obviously, I didn't even check my blog yesterday. It was work from 6 am to 2ish. Doctor appt. Back to work to finish out day -- worked late to make up the time. Got dinner cooked & kitchen cleaned up. Left the house to go couponing -- and about 11:30 last night I finally sit down to check out the blogs. About have heart attack...then decide to just brush my teeth & go to bed! Jeez!