VOTE -- new layout results & TEST!

Thank you to everyone who voted on the new layout. There was only one 'dislike' vote but no information on what that person didn't like. So, heck, I can't try to improve what I don't know about.

Love 14
Like 7
Indifferent 0
Dislike 1

Seriously, folks. If I'm asking a question, it's because I really want to know the answer...and no, not 'cause I'm just trying to improve my typing skills...and yes, even from my "lurkers" out there who read this blog but don't interact with least, not much that is. *smile*

TEST #2 for my readers has arrived!

You all responded my first test to see if anyone really read my posts.

Do you like a blog that does giveaways?
Do you like coupons for FREE stuff?
What is the most outrageous thing you'd do or have done for a giveaway?

If I really get into this giveaway trend, I don't want to make it just a "run of the mill" giveaway or do what all the other blogs are doing! Shoot! We should all have fun with it! Ideas and suggestions are most welcome!

Thank you all!

Read More...his solution is for me to let him win all the giveaways....what a piggie!


Kristi said...

I love giveaways! Who doesn't?!?! I don't think that they have to be every other week for me to like the blog though. It is just an added perk to a blog that I already enjoy reading.
I love coupons for free products. Again, FREE is always good.
I do not like doing crazy things for giveaways. So, I really haven't done much other than blog about them when required. I really like the boring old enter here to win method. I am busy and if I have to sit down to write my life story about couponing every time I want to win something, well that free prize is not usually worth my time. And I have felt left out on a few giveaways because I did not have a cute story or funny joke. The last think you want to do is have readers upset because they know from the get go that there is no chance for them to win. That is NOT fun! The fun part is the anticipation of winning. Knowing you have just as good a chance as the next comment. The thrill of the chase.
Well, you asked for it and there is my two cents. Hope it helps.

amanda said...

I don't like giveaways. Never enter them and end up having to sift through the info