Freds -- store credit card & $40 gift

I hesitated for a long time getting a Fred Meyer credit card. I just don't want another bill I need to keep track of manually -- store credit cards being a pain -- THEN I found out the Fred Meyer card transactions will download into Quicken. SOLD!

I signed up online here. It was really quick and painless. The card showed up in the mail this week with my $40 gift certificate inside. So, Fred Meyer just paid me to shop at their store. Gotta love that! PLUS, I now will earn double points for everything I buy at the store!

So, what is my plan? It will be easy to keep track of my spending by receipts -- but if I lose one -- for me, the balance will be right in Quicken. Also, at any time I can check my balance or make a payment online here. This will work if you pay your bills through your bank too.

To keep this credit card "acting" like a debit card, my plan is to make a payment each week on the card for whatever I've spent. That way, the balance won't get out of hand, and it will be equivalent to still using my debit card for grocery purchases.

Read More...he's trying to get me to buy candy with the $40 -- not gonna happen!

Momma needs a new pair of shoes....LOL!