Tribune vs. Statesman inserts 8/16

There has been a noticeable difference between the content of Smart Source and Red Plum between the ID Press Tribune and the ID Statesman. The bottom line -- the Statesman gets more coupons!

This was my last test weekend. I've signed up to get the ID Statesman couponer special. I know, I know. It kinda feels like I'm switching camps in the middle of a "battle." Here's what I found this weekend to solidify my decision.

This weekend the Red Plum insert coupons matched between the newspapers. However, the Smart Source insert coupons had MORE in the Statesman. I got all the coupons in the Tribune plus these additional ones:

I am not saying anyone else needs to change newspaper subscriptions. I just wanted to let you know what I found. *smile*

Read More...he's just glad to have a Cheerios coupon I could double...


Jennifer said...

I just recently stopped getting the Tribune. They drove me crazy! I was always missing inserts!! The Statesman is SO much betteer--no missing inserts, more coupons, and they deliver to my door instead of dumping them at my mailbox.