Cuties mandarin orange coupons

Leah over at La Vida Cheapo posted a GREAT pair of coupons for Cuties Mandarin Oranges. There is a 55c coupon off the 3 lb. bag and a $1.00 coupon on the 5 lb. box. Her Yoke's store has them on sale - I wouldn't be surprised if Fred Meyer or Albertsons does too, in their next ad. Go here and register. These are bricks coupons (both on the same page!), so you can print twice.

My daughter loves these, so guess what's on the next grocery list? Thanks Leah!

Read More.....wants to have an orange rolling contest.


Leah said...

Thanks for the linky Janet :)

The Cutie clementine or Satsuma Mandarins are on sale here in Spokane at FM for $4.77 per 5 lb. box. So maybe next week for you? (FM have their sales regions divided in the strangest way.)