Inexpensive Ham

Does your family like ham? If so, you might want to check out this deal that I picked up on my lunch hour.

Albertsons on Overland and Orchard in Boise has Hormel Cure 81 hams with a sell by date of 1/14/10 on clearance for $1.49/lb. They also have a $3 store discount coupon on them. They are regularly $4.99/lb. The same brand, but small butts are $2.49/lb and don't have the sticker coupon. The one I ppurchased was about 6.37 lbs for $9.49 minus the $3 coupon so, $6.49. Albertsons will cut/wrap for free. These are already cooked, so just need to re-heat.

The same deal MIGHT be at other Albertson's, but the meat department does their own mark-downs, almost not connected to the store, so it will depend on how many they have. Overland/Orchard had about 20 of them, just mixed in with the hams. They didn't have "clearance" stickers on them, just the re-price sticker and the $3 coupon sticker.

This store also had quite a few Jimmy Dean sausage rolls on clearance for 99c and two pkgs. of Jimmy Dean sausage slices for 99c. I sort of watched a lady work a deal with the butcher - she walked away with 3 white meat trays with 4 rolls each wrapped on them. When I had walked by, she was talking about taking them all for a lower price - but I have no idea what that price was. She had mentioned that the sell by date was two days away and if they didn't sell, they would be discarding them. A good point to make here is that there is always room for negotiation - the worst they can say is no!!!!!!!!

I'm not a very good cook and asked the lady at the butcher block what to do with the ham. She suggested dicing some for quiche or omlets, slicing some for lunches and chunking it for ham/scalloped potatoes. I'm sure there are plenty of other things out there to do with it and we should get quite a few meals out of this ham.

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