Fred Meyer ecoupons!!!/Free Healthy Choice entrees

Fred Meyer has gotten behind the whole ecoupon idea. If you go to their site here, and either register or sign-in (I was already registered, and in the past, have gotten some bonus coupons because of that), it will take you to a page with 15 coupons, 1 of which is $5 off 5 Healthy Choice dinners. Match that up with the $5/5 coupon here.

The FM site say maximum 100 coupons. I would not recommend loading that many coupons on your card - Cellfire and Shortcuts only allow 50 total, and you wouldn't want to miss out. You can still load both Cellfire and Shortcuts, but remember that only 1 ecoupon will apply to any one item - and you have no way of knowing which ecoupon will get applied.

I am still getting a handle on the entire ecoupon thing - Crystal at Frugal Chic Living is THE PRO!!! If you have any questions, drop her a note.

Make sure you do this deal - it looks like 5 free or close to free Healthy Choice entrees!

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justusseven said...

Hi - just wanted to share that I have a new blog button if you'd like to snag it =) I appreciate the link!