Albertsons Quaker Deal

By now, I'm sure you have seen the new Albertsons ad and read on various blogs about different ways to do the Quaker deal. One coupon of note is the Buy 5 participating Quaker Products (6.1-8.7 oz Chewy Granola Bars, 14-16 oz. Cap'n Crunch, 15 oz Life or 16 oz. Toasted Oatmeal Squares) Save $3.00 coupon that can be found in the Fred Meyer monthly booklet.

There are two items to note, well maybe three. One, I've read that at some Fred Meyer stores, the monthly booklets are gone. Don't get me started on that bit of greed! BUT, I have found those same coupons hanging underneath the different Quaker products at the Meridian FM. They are printed on goldenrod colored paper. So, if you didn't get a booklet, and the store you go to is out of booklets, try the cereal and/or granola bar aisle and see if you can snag a few hanging coupons. UPDATE: Franklin/Orchard in Boise has two stacks of booklets at the grocery side door and a few near the service desk. They don't have any coupons hanging for quaker products.

Two, I emailed my favorite Assistant Manager (Cole/Fairview store) and he confirmed that they will accept the coupon (which I have heard beeps and needs to be forced through), AS LONG AS FRED MEYER IS NOT NOTED ON THE COUPON.

Now, I have two coupons on goldenrod paper, with a hole punched thru the expiration date. The expiration date is also the last words in the consumer fine print (February 2, 2010). No where on my coupons can I see the words Fred Meyer (i.e. valid at Fred Meyer, etc). So, I am very comfortable telling you that even though the coupon beeps, there is no reason why you should be unable to use them.

Three, since you have this coupon and it's over $1 in value so you would not be able to double it - you don't have to wait till Sunday to make your Quaker purchases. If you buy 5 items and use 1 coupon, you would pay $2 plus tax - 40c/item is an awesome, stock-up price! Sure, it's not free, but IMO unless you shop on Sunday morning at 6am, you have a good chance of missing out on some of the items. This deal has been posted on almost every blog I follow and a lot of people have ordered coupons from ebay. I'm sure you can see where that's headed.

I have another email in to Cole/Fairview to see what kind of stock he has. I'll post separately on that when I have a response. Remember, you can contact any Albertsons and tell them how many items you would like and they will order them for you! That way, you don't clear the shelves for us folks who only need a few.

Read More.....Hates to see people being greedy!


Tamra said...

I just noticed these extra coupons by the product too - if you read the fine print - they are good on ALL of the items on sale!