Brita Water Pitcher only $3 at Lowe's

UPDATE: I went to Lowe's on Eagle Road and Ustick last night - the pitchers were in fact $8 and I scored two of them. The coupon didn't want to scan, but they just changed the price to $3 each. Pitcher comes with one filter. Three-pks of filters were about $15 - so it's just like toner cartridges - they suck you in with the cheap price and you pay more later. LOL It's ok, we will use it on our trip back east this summer if we drive and take our trailer.

Word on the street is that Lowe's (the hardware store) has Brita pitchers on sale for $8. Get the $5 coupon (bricks, can print twice) here at the website after taking the pledge. That would make the pitcher only $3!!!!!!! There is also a coupon at the same site for $1 off a filter. I have not purchased any of these items, so I don't know the regular cost of the pitcher or the filter, but it sounds like a great deal to me!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks to Fistful of Coupons for the info.

Read More.....thinks he should drink more water.