Inexpensive chicken

How is your supply of frozen chicken breasts? After I posted about inexpensive hams, I was bopping around the web and found a post on Fabulously Frugal about inexpensive chicken at Winco in Meridian - 3 lb. bags for $3.98! $1.33/lb is a really good price! Until someone goes to a different Winco and then posts, we have no way of knowing if this is specific to that location or if it's chain-wide or even how long that price will last. If you will be out and about, you may want to check it out.

Thanks to FabulouslyFrugal for the info!

Read More....Thinks he's going to be eating VERY well!


Anonymous said...

Its been that price in Eugene/Springfield for a week im guessing it will not be that price for long...super sweet deal!