Ingredient Archive - Earthbound Farm

Next time you have a brain-freeze on what to fix for dinner, or see a fresh item at a good price that you would like to buy, try the Earthbound Farm Ingredient Archive. If you've never been to their website, it's pretty informative.

For example, this week Fred Meyer has asparagus on sale for a great price ($1.28/lb, I THINK). Click on the Ingredient Archive and up comes an alphabetical list of fruits and veggies. Click on asparagus and and there are links to 7 recipes that range from soup to main dish to veggie alone as well as a write-up about the vegetable. While this is an organic website, you don't have to buy organic to make the dishes (I won't anyway). I'm thinking about adding shrimp to the linguine with asparagus recipe to have an "all-in-one" meal tonight.

So, next time you're looking for a recipe, try this site. Recipes are from chef's, and if you like preparation videos, they have those too.

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