Restaurant Review - Jalapeno's Bar & Grill

I tried a new restaurant this past Friday (ok, so it was an excuse to write another review) - Jalapeno's Bar & Grill. It's next to the Boy Scout office on Franklin (where Lone Star ? used to be) near Maple Grove.

I did not go during the noon hour - it was about 1:30 when I finally got off work and the restaurant was not busy at all. I think I only saw 4 other tables being occupied in the area I was seated in. The hostess was very friendly and explained the special to me, which is what I decided on. That was the Chicken Flautas, (two flour tortillas filled with shredded chicken, fried and topped with a white cheese sauce). While waiting, I snacked on chips, salsa and bean dip. The salsa, to me, tasted like tomato paste. Nothing like a fresh pico and not chunky. I requested a green sauce and I didn't care for it at all. The bean dip was good though!

The flautas were different, with the white cheese sauce over them. Not sure I would order them again. The folks at nearby table were talking to the manager (owner?) about how wonderful the food was. I will probably give them another try someday, before I completely avoid them, but I can say right now, this isn't my favorite mexican restaurant.

They offer Certified Angus Beef in their beef dishes. That could be why the prices are higher than the mexican restuarants I normally frequent. Their lunch menu ranged from a one item speedy lunch at $6.45 to Fajitas for $8.50. Dinner prices of course are higher. They also have a restaurant in Nampa, next to Staples on Caldwell Blvd. You can see their menu on their website at The prices are higher on the menu they gave me to take with me than on the website.

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Kristi M. said...

Jalapenos in Nampa is actually one of my very favorite places and the only thing that I order from Mexican restaraunts are the flautas. They are by far one of my favorites from this place because of the yummy white sauce. It may be worth another try with something different. Everyone's tastes are different. :)

syringachalet said...

I have never been to Jalapenos but it sounds good. My family most goes to Fiesta Guadalajara( next to the DMV and Hastings video on Fairview in Meridian ID). They have great chicken fajitas and blended margaritas. Might be worth a try...