Albertsons Rounders This Sunday

Beginning this Sunday 8/29/10, Treasure Valley Albertsons will be trying out a new program. We won't be getting the doubler coupons that the rest of the region will be getting. We will start a new program, that does not require an additional coupon - I think it's being called Rounding. Very simply, any coupon under $1 will be automatically "rounded" to $1 by the register. So, if you have a 25c coupon (i.e. Bounty, or Puffs), it will "round" to $1.

A complete explanation of the trial program will be in Sunday's paper. Since there won't be doublers, you don't need to run out and buy multiple papers, unless you want the coupon inserts!

The reason behind this trial program is to counteract all the customers who have taken their doublers to Walmart. I personally hate shopping at Walmart, so I'm definitely not one of them. This is a trial program and my contact at Albertsons urged me to call Customer Care to voice my opinion of this program. If this program continues, I doubt I will be going to Albertsons as often as I have been. This may also effect the newspaper business - why get multiple papers if you will be using the high value coupons at face value? What is your thought on this new program?

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smiling_mama said...

This is very very sad news. Especially since I bought 30 coupons from E-bay for the Quaker promo in hopes to double them. I doubt very much that I will be going to Albertsons as much now. I never went to Albies before couponing, but since then they have become my main source for shopping. If they would round any coupon under a $1 to $1 and every coupon from $1-$2 to $2, then that would make more sense to me. I wish that we were able to voice our opinions on this matter.

janetcoupon said...

Smiling Mama - You can voice your opinion by contacting Albertsons Customer Care 1-877-932-7948 (also on the bottom of your receipt). That's what I will be doing! If they can program the registers to "round", they can program the registers to double. And since there is no coupon involved, there would be nothing to take to Walmart. As far as your 30 Quaker coupons, you could drive to Tri-Cities or Spokane - those areas are doubling still.