$3 DiGiorno Pizza and Breadsticks Coupon

DiGiorno Pizza has a new April Fools Day gag out, that will net you a $3 coupon on their new pizza and breadsticks. You can go here to go directly to the coupon, or go here to create an April Fools gag on Facebook and then print the coupon. You can also go to the main page and click print without creating a gag. My friend posted that she was going to be on a reality tv show and really got some of her friends going! It's a hoot!!!

Since it's a bricks coupon, you can hit backspace 3 times after the coupon prints and print a second coupon. With the April Fools tie-in, I wouldn't expect this coupon to be around after today. This looks to be a new product, so product launch would have it priced pretty low. Maybe free with the coupon??? That would be sweet!

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Leah said...

That would be sooo sweet! Thanks for sharing this :) I have been so busy I almost missed it.

Sherita D. Montgomery said...

Thank you so muchh. Love all your posts!

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